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Our goal is to advance refugee and asylum seeker rights in Brisbane and beyond.

Join our campaign to challenge Australian government policy and legislation that violates the human rights of refugees and people seeking asylum. 

Share in current campaigns, explore and promote events, and get involved with RAC QLD.

Kids Off.Everyone Off. Close Manus. Close Nauru. Rally and March

Rally and March Saturday, Nov 10th, 2018 at 2:30 PM King George Square, Brisbane CBD (Originally planned for outside Dutton's Office) Kids Off. Everyone Off. Close Manus. Close Nauru# Speakers include: * Andrea Coe & Paddy McLisky - Doctors for Refugees * Jessica Walker - Teachers for Refugees And People Seeking Asylum The KidsOffNauru# slogan has been replaced,partly as it has been widely reported that all kids will be off Nauru by the end of the year.While this of course is really not fast enough,there are so many other groups pressurising The Government solely on this matter.We need to look at the wider picture.Canberra is on the defensive and is now making this major backdown.There is

Young Iranian given funeral in Brisbane

The family of Faribo.. were able to farewell him in a dignified funeral on October 5th.The cost of the funeral was raised by crowd funding,after the devastated family were finally brought to Brisbane from Nauru. ​ See The Guardian Article for more information; ​

Tell Qantas : Stop deporting refugees and asylum seekers!

Friday, October 26th 2018 at 10 AM ​ At Qantas AGM ; Outside Hilton Hotel 190 Elizabeth Street , Brisbane ​ Organised by National Union of Students Against Racism and Books not Bombs Tell Qantas: No deportation to danger! At the Qantas AGM on 26th October, shareholders will consider resolutions aimed at ending their company's involvement in forcing asylum seekers and refugees from Australia to danger. ​ Around the world, airlines are refusing to do business with government agencies that violate international law by incarcerating children, tearing families apart and forcing vulnerable people back to harm and abuse.Globally Cabin Crew and Pilots are jeopardizing their own jobs by speaking out

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