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Our goal is to advance refugee and asylum seeker rights in Brisbane and beyond.

Join our campaign to challenge Australian government policy and legislation that violates the human rights of refugees and people seeking asylum. 

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Christmas Raffle in aid of The Refugee Action Collective and The Romero Centre

1st prize ​ A beautiful original painting from local artist, Therese Kelly The painting is called 'Neon Lights'. The bright colours and the name of the painting are being used as a metaphor, to highlight the need to raise awareness and shine a light on injustice. Therese Kelly is a Brisbane based artist whose work is influenced by the emotional responses to her personal experiences and observations of injustice perpetrated against vulnerable people. Therese is self-taught and enjoys learning new techniques. Much of her work embraces vibrant colours to reflect her ideal world where joy, harmony, tolerance, safety and belonging are the foundations of a caring society. Therese enjoys working wi

CHRISTMAS VIGIL Kids Off# Everyone Off#   Close MANUS #close Nauru Friday 6.30PM

The Morrison government is hoping that a bit of Christmas tinsel will be enough to divert the public's attention away from the human rights abuses they are inflicting on innocent people on Nauru and Manus island. Abuses that, according to MSF, has led to 30 percent of the asylum seekers and refugees under their care on Nauru attempting suicide; some being as young as nine. But it's not going to happen. The Refugee Action Collective will be in King George Square handing out information and talking to shoppers and reminding them of these abuses. Please join us.

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