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RAC QLD Footpath Protest - No Kids on Nauru

Join our footpath protest against government destruction of the lives of little kids

When & where:

Friday, February 5 at 12:00 noon

Outside the Department of Immigration & Border Protection 299 Adelaide St, Brisbane QLD 4000

Register your interest at our Facebook Event Page.

Why we are protesting:

Peter Dutton is threatening to send 72 children, currently held in Australian detention centres, back to Nauru.

Some of these children (including children in the Brisbane detention centre) have been in detention for over two years. Child psychiatrist Helen Driscoll has examined many and describes them as "extremely traumatised".

They have been exposed to self-harm, sexual assaults, unsanitary conditions, lack of appropriate medical care and inadequate educational services.

In 2010 Professor Patrick McGorry described detention centres as "factories for producing mental illness". The government knows the harm they are doing to innocent people but still they are locking people up for increasingly longer times.

Peter Dutton claims he is saving lives, but Nauru and Manus are hellholes that are slowly destroying the lives of thousands.

Preventing the transfer of these 72 children back to Nauru needs to be the first step to closing all of Australia's detention hellholes forever.

Please join our protest. Bring you own sign or props to make your point about how you feel about children in detention.

Invite your friends to this event and share through your networks.

Further info:

Mark: ph. 0439 561 196 or

Twitter: RAC QLD @racqld

Facebook: Refugee Action Collective Queensland


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