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About Us

The Refugee Action Collective in Brisbane is a broad group of concerned people from all walks of life dedicated to fighting for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, and for the reform of Australia’s immigration policies.

Our Purpose Statement:

"To uphold the right of asylum in Australia and to inform and mobilise people to challenge current government policy and legislation which adds to the suffering of refugees and asylum seekers." 


Our Philosophy:

  • RAC believes in the equal dignity, worth and rights of all people

  • We believe those whose lives and liberty are threatened by persecution; violence and poverty have the right to seek asylum

  • We believe Australia is obligated to the international laws and conventions regarding the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. We therefore oppose arbitrary detention and all forms of punitive and deterrent policies towards people seeking safety in Australia

  • As Australians we believe in a tolerant and humane society that embraces a diversity of cultures. We oppose the xenophobic dehumanising of asylum seekers for political gain

  • RAC acknowledges and values the diversity of its members and respects their personal philosophies, political opinions and spiritualities. We therefore encourage and support a diversity of tactics to achieve our common goals.

Our Objectives:

RAC works for the achievement of a humane refugee and asylum seeker policy in Australia whch ensures:


  • Community based housing in place of mandatory detention

  • Permanent Residency for all refugees instead of temporary visas

  • Full welfare and legal rights for refugees, including access to education, employment and health services

  • The ending of Government Deportations, Forced Repatriation and Refoulment

  • Abolition of all policies of deterrence, in accordance with international law, including border protection legislation, Regional Agreements, the Pacific Solution and coastguards

  • The promotion of a humane and compassionate society that embraces a diversity of cultures.

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