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Frequently Asked Questions

RAC is currently developing this resource. However, the Asylum Seeker Resource Council provides some excellent mythbusters on hot topics including:

  • Mythbuster: Offshore Processing & Resettlement

  • Offshore processing continues to be a hot topic. Get the background facts why this is not a humane and acceptable way to treat asylum seekers nor an effective deterrence

  • Mythbuster: Did you know?

  • Re-fresh your knowledge about the Asylum Seekers debate with these 10 Did you knows about Asylum Seekers and their situation in Australia


  • Mythbuster: Myths, Facts and Solutions Overview

  • This mythbuster gives you an overview of facts and answers to many Asylum Seekers myths

  • Mythbuster: Myths, Facts and Solutions in detail

  • This is our detailed mythbuster on myths, facts and solutions around the issue of Asylum Seekers. You even find references and resources to find out more if you are interested


  • Mythbuster: People Smuggling

  • read the myths and get the facts on people smuggling


  • Mythbuster: The Hot Potato

  • 10 myths about Asylum Seekers and the real facts.

 You can find the documents here at ASRC.

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