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Covid Ground Zero Hotel Strikes Again

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

More than half of the 46 Medevac detainees at Park Hotel in Carlton have now tested Covid positive. Still more are displaying symptoms, even the double vaxxed. This is not the first outbreak at Rydges in Swanston Street. It is not the first failure at this site.

(See: Former Rydges on Swanston to shed COVID past and rebrand as Crowne Plaza after refurb and Rydges Hotel staff did not isolate after positive COVID-19 case, manager tells Victoria's hotel quarantine inquiry) However, the current Immigration outbreak is the first time the Commonwealth has been liable for what goes on in the building. And also the first time hostages of 8 or 9 years have been denied any fresh air at all. The quarantine bedroom windows were sealed shut last December.

Officials concerned for asylum seekers’ safety amid growing COVID-19 cluster at Park Hotel Given his attempt to deflect responsibility back to the state, Federal health Minister Greg Hunt clearly thinks Andrews does not have the guts to challenge the Commonwealth over this. It's incredible that neither Andrews nor Hunt moves the men (sick or well) to a place that has at least been deep cleaned. Advocate Jane Salmon said "the lack of any credible Covid safety standard augurs badly for the return to face to face learning at schools". Most of the detainees have been given vitamin pills to replace sun, air and fresh food for up to 2 years. On Sunday, the one nurse for 46 people ran out of Panadol, says advocate Jane Alcorn. As another advocate and nurse, Claire Gomez has said: "Most people sick with Covid can sit on a verandah in the sun, enjoy the breeze on their face, sip fresh honey and lemon, hear encouraging words, get regular Pandol, have access to a thermometer, visits from their GP. "For lots who are ill, there might also be nourishing soups, crochet rugs, fresh pillow cases and a pet to pat. "Most people who are Covid positive will get an ambulance if they phone for one. They don't need lawyers to fight for their right to access paramedics. "ABF sees to it that detainees at Park Hotel get almost none of that. And if so, it is erratic. "Worst of all, unvaccinated ABF and Serco staff gave the guys the disease in the first place ... after 9 years of physical, mental and medical abuse. Let it be the last outrage. Covid has been transferred by guards working at multiple Immigration sites. Those held at Broadmeadows and Villawood are also at risk.

Source: J. Salmon media release 24.10.21

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