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Dear Senators

Letter by Roy Hives

The Biloela family support people are asking us to 'respectfully' email Senators asking them to support their call for the family to be returned to Biloela. Their only hope is that Tudge or Dutton grant an 'exception' to allow them to settle in Australia. They will not do that unless the LNP says so. That seems unlikely. So I sent this.

There is a vigil for Omid Masoumali, Wednesday and Tuesday mornings this week, outside the court in Roma Street. The inquest has been extended. Please imagine what it is like to be a victim of injustice. You have committed no crime. You have been imprisoned by people you don't know, foreign leaders who pretend that you are a bad person. They tell the world that you are a criminal, that you are dangerous, probably a terrorist. That you are a liar and a cheat. Nasty rumors spread by nasty people.

But it's worse than rumor, which human nature gives a life of it's own.  This is a plan, by the nasty people, for the nasty people. These leaders need you. You are the perfect enemy. None of the foreigners know you. Their race, their culture, their religion, their manner of dress are different to yours. Distrust of strangers is natural. It's so easy for ruthless leaders to stoke the fires of fear and hatred.

So they are keeping you prisoner, indefinitely.

No hope.

They don't know you. They don't hate you. Your fate is just a means to their ends. They're protecting their supporters from the enemy they have created.

You. You are powerless. Those foreigners who see your plight, see the injustice, try to help. Powerless.

Nasty people make nasty laws. Nasty people are above the law. No hope. There are others in your situation. Some are lucky to be in 'community detention'. Not able to make a life for themselves. Not that lucky. Always liable to eviction without notice, without any right of appeal.

As the Biloela family found, even when there is the right of appeal, all it can do is delay the inevitable. Nasty people make nasty laws. Nasty people have hidden them away on Christmas Island. Now nasty people want to take their mobile phones, your mobile phone. No hope. Like Omid, you could set yourself on fire and suffer an excruciating death. It didn't help. Not even a little. The nasty people didn't know him. The people loved him suffered. Still do. Don't do it. They want to take your mobile phone? All that will be left is the prison and the violence. 4115 assaults, 96% upon the prisoners in immigration detention. Dear Senators, the struggle for power between the LNP and the ALP is the reason for the injustice. If you voted for this, for Australia's cruel and illegal immigration policy, you did it for power. Not to save lives, not to protect Australians, not to put people smugglers out of business.

It boils down to your career and your money. You were faced with the age-old choice between good and evil. You chose badly. Don't make it worse by denying the little love and protection that unlimited access to a mobile phone provides. I apologize for not sparing your feelings. I see no point in begging when Peter Dutton has the final say. Roy Hives Queensland


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