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Get down to Kangaroo Point today!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

If you want to help these men, do it now!

Open letter to supporters of refugees & people seeking asylum

Dear Supporter,

The government had to accommodate the people brought here under the Medevac Law close to big public hospitals, hence Brisbane and Melbourne.

If you want to help these men, do it now, before the government ships them out to one of the many remote detention centres. Get down to Kangaroo Point today! Hold up a sign! Say "Hi" to the wonderful young people who are sleeping rough in support of these refugees. Let these political prisoners see that most Australians are not cruel like the politicians who are keeping them in indefinite detention.

If you see some person on Main Street give you the finger, give them a cheery wave. It's okay for them to let you know that they voted for cruel politicians!

Free the refugees. Let them stay.


July 2, 2020

Can't make it in person?

If you cannot go in person to the blockade, you can still have your say.

Visit the RAC Qld Letters page for info about writing to our politicians about refugee issues.

Here are just a few of the helpful letter writing guides issued by groups in the community.

Contacting Politicians Letter Guide by the Refugee Council of Australia

Guidelines for Writing to Politicians by the Australian Refugee Action Network

Letter Writing Campaign General Info by the Refugee Action Campaign

Not in Brisbane?

Rural Australians for Refugees has an excellent resource to help you Find a Group in your state

There are so many people who demand a kinder Australia, so please get involved today!

Bio: Roy Hives

I was a Labor member when it was socialist, before Bob Hawke. Then I resigned. Cleaner, engineering technician, Army Reserve Officer, Maths/Science teacher, Degree in Social Science, TAFE volunteer English language home tutor, RAC (Qld) member. 20 years involvement with refugees. Spent months in Eritrea with friends. Also visited Swiss and German refugee communities. I've had a life-long interest in military history.


This letter was written during, and in support of, the Community Blockade at the Kangaroo Point Hotel & Apartments in Main Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Qld. The hotel is currently being used as an Alternative Place of Detention (APOD) by the Australian Border Force. About 120 men have been indefinitely detained there after being transferred from offshore detention for medical treatment under the short-lived Medevac Bill. The bill was repealed by the LNP government in December 2019.

More information

Refugee Solidarity Brisbane/Meanjin @refugeesolidaritybris

Medevac repeal bill passes after Jacqui Lambie makes 'secret deal' with Coalition

Medevac’s been repealed. What does that mean for asylum seekers on Manus, Nauru?

Protesters arrested after efforts to block refugee transfers

The Kangaroo Point Blockade: An Interview With Refugee Solidarity’s Dane De Leon

All photos courtesy of Roy Hives 13 June 2020

PDF of Roy's letter

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