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Mantra Detainee Seeks Canadian Sponsorship

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

29 July 2020  Peacekeeper in Mantra’s Indefinite Prison Fundraiser I am Jill Horton, a Canadian Australian Social Worker in Port Macquarie NSW who has been supporting refugee friends on Manus, Nauru and in detention for the past 4 years.   After a trip I made to Manus in 2017Stephen Watt, an amazing sponsor in Toronto of over a hundred refugees, and I started a Project to sponsor refugees from Manus to Canada.  Last October I tearfully said goodbye to Amir Sahragard at Brisbane Airport. Amir was imprisoned in Manus for 6 years and finally left detention in Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation for his new life in Toronto Canada. This is Amir's fantastic story of freedom. I can not stand by as the 200 people brought for Medevac a year ago are STILL locked up in detention after 7 years and NO courtcan release Shan into the community or issue a visa. I've launched the FIRST in a series of fundraisers to sponsor refugees in Australia's indefinite detention to bring them to freedom in Canada.

My FIRST fundraiser is for Shan. Shan's peacekeeping was a Taliban targetHe fled Pakistan and was detained 7 years on Manus Island. Shan is in lock-down 23 hours a day in Mantra Prison Melbourne. Canada is his only HOPE from the "Hotel California." $12000 is a small price to pay for freedom I want to introduce you to Shan and to ask for your help in contributing and sharing his link with your network via email and/or social media. Please help me SHARE by forwarding this Call to Action to your friends or contacts to bring Shan to freedom. Please contact me for an interview, questions or know anyone who can VOLUNTEER to assist with this project, Northern Lights sponsorship guide to Canada. Peace and Warm Regards Jill Horton

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