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Political Suicide

by Roy Hives

Response to report on what Labor is doing in the Senate. Sent to Penny Wong. Dear Senator, I was a Labor Party member, until Bob Hawke gutted it in his drive for power. 'Whatever it takes to win government.' has been the norm since. I kept voting Labor, hoping it might re-discover socialism. Well..... Take a principled stand to support asylum seekers. Speak up for them now. Save the people in immigration detention. Get the family back to Biloela. Labor's lack of integrity on this issue is the real reason you keep losing. No one who the Coalition has scared about foreigners would trust Labor to save them, and rightly so!

Has it escaped your notice that the Coalition, for the whole time it has been in government, continually demonizes foreigners? Do you imagine Peter Dutton is just a loose cannon? Every move they make, every step they take, is another in the politics of hate! It's a plan.

Labor has vacated the field. They win by default. Fight for right! Don't let the media tell you what to do. It's their media!!!! The sudden rush to support Adani after the election loss, both federally and in Queensland, makes it clear that Labor leadership's only concern is to win power. There is no power. The media doesn't change. It stripped Rudd of power quick smart (with a little help from his friends) when he crossed the mining lobby.

I don't know why I bother. I've given up waiting for Labor's leadership to show some backbone. I've joined The Greens.

Take care.

Roy Hives.


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