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Premier Passes the Buck

Recently, RAC Qld refugee activist Roy Hives, wrote to the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. He pointed out the role of the Qld Police in exacerbating unnecessarily violent confrontation with protestors, and over-the-top policing at the peaceful blockade in Kangaroo Point. As Premier Palaszczuk calls the shots, Roy asked the Premier, "..(what) caused you to order the police action on Sunday last?"

Roy also asked the Premier to call on the Federal Government to show justice for refugees,

"Federal Labor politicians are hopelessly compromised on this issue of human rights. This violation is occurring on your turf. You have the chance to save Labor from the misjudgments of your federal colleagues. Call for justice for refugees, and as a first step, demand that people in indefinite immigration detention in Queensland be transferred to community detention. I, for one, would be happy to host one of those men. I'd be surprised if others would not help if asked".

You can read Roy's letter in full on our Letters page

The response from the Premier's Office is pure deflection. It seems the Premier is unable to "..intervene or assist in this matter" and has referred it on to Home Affairs.

Mr Hives has wryly observed that this is our democracy in action, as inaction.

The matter of excessive QPS actions is not directly addressed by the Premier's Office. Unless, of course the deployment of the Queensland Police, in Queensland, falls under the responsibility of the Federal Government as well?

You can read the response from the Office of the Premier below.

From: The Premier <>

To: Roy Hives

Sent: Wednesday, 15 July 2020, 03:01:34 pm AEST

Subject: Message for Mr Hives

Dear Mr Hives Thank you for your email of 1 July 2020 regarding asylum seekers and refugees. I have been requested to reply to you on behalf of the Premier and Minister for Trade. In this instance, the issues you have raised fall within the responsibility of the Federal Government. As the Premier is unable to intervene or assist in this matter, your email has been forwarded to the Office of the Minister for Home Affairs for consideration. Again, thank you for taking the time to write to the Premier. Yours sincerely Office of the Premier


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