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Walking Borders: Arts Activism for refugee rights

During the G20 in Brisbane 2014, arts activist Scotia Monkivitch created walking performances and installations that poetically engaged the public in a dialogue on border politics. The work was called Walking Borders: Arts activism for refugee rights.

By walking the restricted and declared zones of Brisbane during the G20 and by placing paper boats along these borders, participants maintained a constant and very visible plea for Australia’s harsh treatment of asylum seekers to cease.

During the entirety of the G20, the Walking Borders performances and installations innovatively explored the notion of the border and how such borders are designed and made by a privileged minority. A few who can create, maintain and control borders, the notion of a place, who comes in or out, what is enacted in those places and by whom. Walking Borders challenged the very nature of a border and how it can create exclusion and disadvantage for many people.

RAC Qld very much looks forward to hearing Scotia Monkivitch from Walking Borders when she speaks at Workshop 2: Arts Activism and Community Education.

Read more about Walking Borders on Facebook here.

Register here to secure your place at Workshop 2: Arts Activism and Community Eduction

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Venue and dates

Saturday 7 March

Workshop Stream A 11:45 -12:45

B Block, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Gardens Point Campus

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