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Update on Children in Detention

Update on Children in Detention - 240 still held

Update from the March 2015 ChilOut Newsletter.

The number of children in detention has been decreasing over recent months and, according to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s latest statistics, dated 28 February 2015, there are:

  • 133 children held in immigration detention facilities within Australia; and

  • 107 children held in immigration detention facilities on Nauru.

The Government has indicated that it will continue to release children from detention facilities within Australia, but maintains that the children held in detention on Nauru are not part of its promised release, and that it takes no responsibility for these children. ChilOut will continue to fight until there is no child left in detention, including on Nauru, and will continue its work until legislation is amended to ensure that children are never able to be locked up in future.

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