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Stand for Sanctuary: vigil for refugees

Updated: May 18, 2023

Let them stay!

This is not a RAC event.

It is organised by the Ecumenical Social Justice Group in association with St John's Anglican Cathedral.

RAC (along with many other organisations listed below), supports the event.

267 people – including 37 babies and more than 50 children – could be deported from Australia to the abusive detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru within days.

It's a reprehensible new low for our nation.

In a show of compassion and solidarity, this week churches around the country opened their doors as sanctuaries to protect these vulnerable people on the planet – people whom the government would send back to hell on earth.

This coming Monday night, with the support of GetUp and many other organisations, thousands of Australians will rally in all capital cities nationally to stand for sanctuary, and demonstrate that Australia says welcome to refugees. We will do everything we can to keep these babies, children, men and women safe. Together, we'll demand that the government let them stay.

Sanctuary is a sacred tradition to create a space to protect and support vulnerable people.

Invite your friends to this Vigil. Let us show that Brisbane Stands for Sanctuary. Let them stay!


Monday, 8th February

5:30pm to 6:30pm


St John's Anglican Cathedral, 373 Ann St, Brisbane CBD QLD 4000


Very Rev'd Dr Peter Catt, Dean of St John's Cathedral

NB: We are seeking the participation of school aged children & young people who are able to arrive by 5pm and who are happy to hold a laminated A3 photo of one of the babies or children facing the threat of removal to Nauru.

Churches' stand on sanctuary for refugees & asylum seekers

* “We offer this refuge because there is irrefutable evidence from health and legal experts, that the circumstances asylum seekers, especially children, would face if sent back to Nauru are tantamount to state-sanctioned abuse.”

"We are prepared to be charged with an offence for obstruction by trying to prevent federal authorities from entering the cathedral grounds."

* Anglican Dean of Brisbane, Very Reverend Dr Peter Catt

These 8th Feb Sanctuary events are supported by:-

Amnesty International Australia - National

Armidale Rural Australians for Refugees, NSW

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Melbourne, VIC

Australian Women Supporting Women on Nauru - National

Australian Progressives, NSW

ChilOut - National

Christchurch Anglican Cathedral, Darwin, NT

Common Grace - National

Council for Civil Liberties, NSW

Darwin Asylum Seeker Support and Advocacy Network, NT

Ecumenical Social Justice Group Inc, Brisbane, QLD

Edmund Rice Centre for Justice & Community Education, Sydney, NSW (& Brisbane, QLD)

GetUp! - National

Gosford Anglican Church, Gosford, NSW

Grandmothers Against the Detention of Children - National

Lebanese Muslim Association, Sydney, NSW

Love Makes a Way - National

Mums 4 Refugees - National

Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide, SA

Pitt Street Uniting Church, Sydney, NSW

Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney, NSW

Refugee Action Collective - QLD

Refugee Action Collective - VIC

Refugee Action Committee, Canberra, ACT

Refugee Council of Australia - National

St Cuthbert's Anglican Church, Perth, WA

St David's Anglican Cathedral, Hobart, Tas.

St George­'s Anglican Cathedral, Perth, WA

St John's Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane, QLD

Wayside Chapel, Sydney, NSW

Wesley Uniting Church, Perth, WA

Welcome to Australia, WA

To include your organisation as a supporter:


Further info about Brisbane's event:

St John's Cathedral office, ph. 3835 2239 or

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