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Solidarity vigil with Lady Cilento Children's Hospital staff continues. Let baby Asha stay!

When & where:

Ongoing vigil all night Saturday 13th February and Sunday morning, at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, 501 Stanley St, South Brisbane. Close to Mater Hill bus station.

Rally at 12 noon, Sunday 14th February. This will be an opportunity to plan an ongoing campaign.

Actions since Friday night

Support for Lady Cilento Children's Hospital staff's refusal to discharge baby Asha (thus saving her from being returned to Nauru) has been huge and growing.

The rally called by RAC for midday Saturday was highly enthusiastic and over 200 people attended. This is virtually unheard of for an event only announced the night before.

Leading up to the rally there was a vigil lasting all Friday night and Saturday morning, called by Get Up, No Business In Abuse, and other groups.

The vigil has continued and will go on all Saturday night and Sunday morning. RAC and all the other groups are now working in close co-operation.

Refugee supporters are urged to join the vigil at any time from now until 12 noon Sunday.

Try also to attend the rally at 12 noon Sunday, at which the future of this action will be discussed.

Please get your friends and family to come along.

Further info:

Mark, 0439 561 196 or RAC Facebook, which will be updated if there are developments: RAC Facebook

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