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Lady Cilento Children's Hospital Vigil Update

Protest in support of Lady Cilento staff and defence of baby Asha continues.

RAC welcomes the unions to the refugee rights campaign:

The rally outside Lady Cilento Children's Hospital on Monday 15th February was one of the most spirited refugee rights rallies many of us can remember. It was also marked by being dominated by the presence of more or less ten trade unions. A representative of every participating union gave a brief statement of support to the Lady Cilento staff, to baby Asha and her parents, and in many cases, to refugee rights in general. It was a sight that many of us in RAC have wanted to see for a long time. Special mention goes to the representative of the Maritime Union of Australia, whose powerful, fighting and inspirational speech gave an absolute promise that his members would fight to the bitter end to make sure that Asha and her family would not be returned to Nauru, and the right of medical staff to decide not to send patients to unsafe and unhealthy situations would also be defended to the end by whatever power the union possessed. The house was brought down by Phil Monsour's rendition of "Solidarity Forever".

The ongoing vigil:

The vigil which started on Friday night continues day and night. Volunteers are needed at all hours. If you wish to help, you can just turn up. It would be more helpful if you can slot yourself into the roster. Go to Vigil roster.

Program for the coming week:

A meeting representing church groups, unions, BRASS, RAC and Get Up has put together a program of events for the rest of the week.


7pm - CHOIR - "Singpatico"




Different faith based communities will be coming to express their support and stand with the Lady Cilento hospital staff.


10.30am - 12.00pm


Now its time for mothers and babies and anyone else to come and have their input. Coordinated by Mums for Refugees


3.30pm - 5pm - SCHOOL STUDENTS - all school students are welcome to join us straight after school. Brisbane State High, St Laurie's, and Somerville House are just nearby, but all welcome!


5.30pm - BIG RALLY - Organised by Refugee Action Collective Brisbane. Potential for health workers to form a special part of this all in action. Let's make this one huge.

Further info:

Facebook "Refugee Action Collective Queensland".

Twitter @racqld

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