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All In!! Rally in Solidarity with Lady Cilento Children's Hospital Staff

Join the Refugee Action Collective Queensland for an ALL IN rally on Friday 19 February in solidarity with the doctors, nurses and allied health workers of the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital as they focus on the wellbeing of Baby Asha.

This Friday marks one week since the hospital first took a stand, stating they would not discharge baby Asha until a safe home environment could be provided. Allowing the Australian Border Force to return Asha to ofshore detention on Nauru was determined by clinical experts not to be in Asha's best interests.

We agree.

Since Friday we've built up enormous pressure together, but we need to keep it up. Nearly 300 people gathered at the hospital last Monday, and we need even bigger numbers this Friday to keep up the momentum in this extraodinary moment of compassion.

We must maintain our presence here to secure a positive and permanent outcome for baby Asha, and her family.

Detention harms children and adults.

When & where:

5.30 - 7pm, Friday 19th February

Outside Lady Cilento Children's Hospital

501 Stanley Street South Brisbane, QLD 4101 Australia

Getting there:

Close to Mater Hill bus station, South Bank railway station, South Bank City Cat.

Outside the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital On the corner of Vulture and Graham Sts


Speakers include:

Senator Larissa Waters

Dr Fotina Hardy, Queensland Branch President, of the Australian Association of Social Workers

Sujauddin Karimuddin, Queensland Rohingya Community Paul Bastian, National Secretary of the Australian Metal Workers Union

There'll be entertainment

The Queensland Rohingya Community will serve dinner for 250

Further info:

Phone Mark: 0439 561 196

Facebook: Refugee Action Collective Queensland

Twitter: @racqld #LetThemStay

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