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August RoundUp

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Here's a roundup of some of the developments across the last few weeks.

We've also released a list of speakers for the National Day of Action Brisbane Rally calling on the Australian Government to #BringThemHere on August 27.

Coming Up - A National Day of Action

As the "Nauru files" dramatically reveal, thousands of innocent men, women and children have languished in offshore concentration camps for years on end.

There are comparisons to be made with the outrages in Northern Territory juvenile detention which have so properly horrified Australians.

Join us to demand:

The camps be shut down.

All refugees and asylum seekers be allowed to live in the community in Australia while being processed.

Refugees be given permanent protection in Australia.

When & where:

11am, Saturday 27th August

Brisbane Square, top of Queen St Mall near Victoria Bridge, Brisbane.

Speakers include:

Paul Stevenson, trauma psychologist and offshore processing whistleblower. Paddy McLisky from Doctors for Refugees. Sam Watson, Aboriginal community leader and advocate for both Aboriginal and refugee rights.

Presented by Refugee Action Collective Qld

Further info:

Phone: 0411 829 319 or 3392 3843

RAC website:

Facebook: Refugee Action Collective Queensland

Twitter @racqld

Other National Day of Action #BringThemHere rallies are happening across Australia on the 27 August so search for one near you.

Video from Nauru

Asylum seekers on Nauru also urge Australians to rally on the 27th August 2016.

Watch their video on RAC Qld's YouTube Channel.

Don Dale Protests

Four Corners reported on abuses in juvenile detention: Australia's Shame

"We have seen similar treatment at Australia’s onshore and offshore immigration detention centres, as it is meted out to those who are treated as less valuable, not as important, or troublemakers. The exclusion (regularly violent) of those who do not belong in “our“ society...understand the implications for us all, when human rights abuses go unchecked".

RACQld issued a statement.

Paul Stevenson shares disturbing reports about incidents at the Nauru 'regional processing centre' with The Guardian.

Wednesday 10 August

Revelations from the Guardian

Renewed calls to close the camps came from many longterm advocates and whistleblowers.

Many respected groups issued statements and letters condemning the governments policies and calling for the camps to be closed.

ChilOut Revived Media Statement:

Australian Association of Social Workers statement:

17 August

Refugee Council of Australia statement:

Mums 4 Refugees and Love Makes A Way - Nauru Files Vigil

View the full playlist of the speeches at the Mums 4 Refugees and Love Makes A Way Nauru Files vigil, held on Monday 15 August 2016

Go to the Refugee Action Collective Qld on our YouTube channel.


Get Involved with Letters

Letters by Frederika Steen.

End the suffering; begin the healing

Sent to:

17 August 2017

The sad truth is that while politicians and public servants talk some more (“Chance for bipartisanship on detention crisis”, August 17), the possible healing of the trauma of detention and hopelessness is jeopardised. Men women and children, who did no wrong in seeking protection in Australia, will sink further into irrecoverable brokenness. Every day without freedom matters. Refugees need durable solutions.

Frederika E Steen AM


Sent to:

16 August 2016

It’s a no brainer: the 1000 incident reports (“Nauru harm claims may be aired in public”,16 August) alleging sexual abuse of children -asylum seeker and refugee- must be referred to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The buck stops with the Australian Government which has transported them and their families to an isolated island and has picked up the bill, amounting to billions of dollars over three years. Insider investigations are totally inadequate, as the Royal Commission examination of church procedures has clearly shown. Allegation so serious cannot be dismissed by the Minister. As a trained Queensland policeman who served to uphold the law, the protection of all children still in his care, is a priority.

Frederika E Steen AM

More letters from Frederika Steen are available from our Letters webpage.

If you want to submit a letter to us, or forward us one you've written, we'll publish it on the website and on our Twitter account.

Contributions welcomed and encouraged.

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