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Archive of 1st Sep Protest

PROTEST: Friday 1st September 12-1pm

Department of immigration and Border Protection

299 Adelaide Street , Brisbane

Speakers include:- Ros McLennan, Qld Council of Unions General Secretary

Right now there are a few hundred asylum seekers in Australia who Prime Minister Turnbull may send back to offshore detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru this week. These include babies born in Australia and children currently attending local primary schools. Others are blue and white collar workers who fled war and terror to seek safety in Australia. Some of these are women who have been sexually assaulted on Nauru and now face return to their abusers.

The desperate Turnbull Government, rather than admit that

  • Nauru and Manus Island are complete hell-holes

  • No third country is prepared to resettle the refugees

  • The USA deal is a sham

It has instead launched another round of refugee bashing. This time,the government are targeting people brought to Australia from Nauru and Manus Island for medical treatment , and who now have legal injunctions that prevent the government returning them to offshore detention. The government is punishing them by cutting their small support payment and has given them three weeks to find alternative accommodation, and find a job although many of them are still too sick to work.

Call your MP now and tell them this isn't how Australia should treat refugees


For many months, these already traumatized people have been dumped in community detention , denied the right to work and have been unable to prepare themselves for the workforce.

  • How can you rent accommodation when you don't have a job or any other form of income?

  • How can you find a job when you don't have experience and have been prevented from studying English or obtaining training certificates?

These cruel measures will just led to more desperation and homelessness.

Advice from doctors to urgently transfer patients to Australia, including pregnant women seeking abortions, is being ignored Cases are instead being referred to Nauru hospital’s (OMR)

Overseas Medical Referral Committee , which is not making decisions. One women seeking an abortion has been waiting 11 weeks for a decision. She is now 17 weeks pregnant. Abortion is illegal on Nauru. Two other women seeking abortions are also waiting for decisions while, according to The Guardian, about another 50 people needing medical transfers also wait. SAY NO TO THE CRUELTY!



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