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Friday Nov 24th 5:30-7:30 PM : King George Square, Adelaide St, Brisbane

The protest on Manus is continuing , despite the forced evacuation of the detainees at the decommissioned detention centre. Many have had personal possessions destroyed or taken away; Meagre possessions they would have been clinging onto.It is not too late for Canberra to do the right thing.

They are saying four years of detention and torment is enough, it is time they were given a life. They had refused to move to new detention centres that are unsafe, incomplete, under resourced and where they have no future.

The government is lying about the situation on Manus. Videos smuggled out clearly show the new detention centres are incomplete in spite of Dutton's assertions otherwise. We need to keep this issue in the public eye and keep the pressure on the government.

We also need to remind the public about others suffering on Nauru and elsewhere.

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