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Twelve deaths too many - Protest outside Dutton's office

Vigil for Fariborz Karami

June 18th at 7 AM

199 Gympie Road,Strathpine

(Opposite Strathpine Station)

Another unnecessary death has occurred on Nauru bring the total deaths in Australia's off-shore detention hellholes to twelve. Fariborz Karami,a 26 year old , broken by the system of detention and neglect, has taken his own life. The responsibility for this death rests squarely with Peter Dutton. All the signs were there but he failed to act. The indifferent and medical neglect continues. It's time to end the suffering and bring all the asylum seekers and refugees to Australia. The US deal is a farce that is now excluding Iranians, and Somalis. Dutton has nowhere to settle the people who have been dumped on Nauru, and are now dying of despair. Help us remind the passing traffic that Peter Dutton has blood on his hands.

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