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Kids Off.Everyone Off. Close Manus. Close Nauru. Rally and March

Rally and March

Saturday, Nov 10th, 2018 at 2:30 PM

King George Square, Brisbane CBD

(Originally planned for outside Dutton's Office)

Kids Off. Everyone Off. Close Manus. Close Nauru#

Speakers include: * Andrea Coe & Paddy McLisky - Doctors for Refugees * Jessica Walker - Teachers for Refugees And People Seeking Asylum

The KidsOffNauru# slogan has been replaced,partly as it has been widely reported that all kids will be off Nauru by the end of the year.While this of course is really not fast enough,there are so many other groups pressurising The Government solely on this matter.We need to look at the wider picture.Canberra is on the defensive and is now making this major backdown.There is a likelyhood that by getting all kids off Nauru,even more families will be split up.This '1 step forward,1 step back' scenario must be avoided.

Now that this is finally a major issue in the public eye,we must agitate to get Everyone Off.Off Manus and Off Nauru.It is possible that now there will be a major shift in The Government's Refugee and Asylum Seeker Policies,so now is the time to step up.

It might be our only chance in a long time. Nauru is in meltdown with an escalating medical and mental health care crisis as a result of the damage done by offshore detention. more than 30 children still remain. The situation is growing more and more urgent and the pressure on the government is building. The doctors' peak body, the AMA, has called for all children to be immediately brought to Australia for medical care. Around 1500 refugees remain on Nauru and Manus , and most are barred from the US refugee deal. Peter Dutton claims the government cannot allow a single act of compassion for these refugees, but his hypocricy was exposed by the au pair scandal, showing he is happy to bend the rules to help Coalition donors and their mates. Endorsed by: Queensland Council of Unions Doctors for Refugees Teachers for Refugees And People Seeking Asylum

Kids Off. Everyone Off. Close Manus. Close Nauru#

Information : Mark 0439 561196

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