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Tell Qantas : Stop deporting refugees and asylum seekers!

Friday, October 26th 2018 at 10 AM

At Qantas AGM ; Outside Hilton Hotel 190 Elizabeth Street , Brisbane

Organised by National Union of Students

Against Racism and Books not Bombs

Tell Qantas: No deportation to danger!

At the Qantas AGM on 26th October, shareholders will consider resolutions aimed at ending their company's involvement in forcing asylum seekers and refugees from Australia to danger.

Around the world, airlines are refusing to do business with government agencies that violate international law by incarcerating children, tearing families apart and forcing vulnerable people back to harm and abuse.Globally Cabin Crew and Pilots are jeopardizing their own jobs by speaking out when they are confronted by these injustices.

Qantas must stop doing the dirty work for The Department of Immigration,and especially,for Peter Dutton .This includes the deportation of a young family snatched from the Queensland town of Biloela (See article on this page)

Over 140 business, cultural, academic and human rights leaders have warned Qantas that involvement in Australia's abusive immigration detention and deportation system could seriously damage their brand.

Now Qantas has launched an advertising campaign urging Australians to "stand up for what's right".

But at the same time, they are advising their own shareholders to vote against a resolution calling on their company to participate in the human rights risks of flying out asylum seekers against their will.

QANTAS has to stand up for what's right - and that means stop deporting refugees!

Virgin Australia is also being canvassed not to do the governments dirty work.They should follow the example of their sister company Virgin Atlantic, who earlier this year stated that they would not participate in forced deportations anymore.

Virgin Australia's 2018 AGM will be in November,again in Brisbane

Many airlines in USA have also now refused to participate in Washington's dirty work of separating immigrant children from their families.The Companies have sent Trump's Government a very clear message that they will not participate in this barbaric cruelty

Frontier and Southwest have also reportedly told The USA Government that they will also not participate in this activity

The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) are making the representations to Qantas and Virgin Australia , regarding their participation in deporting asylum seekers and refugees.With The Qantas AGM coming soon,the Centre has Qantas as one of it's major campaigns

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