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'Urgent Medical Treatment Bill' is now law

Having been delayed by The Coalition on the last Rep Sitting Day before Christmas,it was finally passed by the house of Reps ,

and on return to The Senate was passed on Feb 13th , 2019

In her first week on the job, new independent MP Dr Kerryn Phelps, threw down the gauntlet to the minority Morrison Government to get the #KidsOffNauru. Phelps received the petition which was signed by 170,000+ Australians and presented it to Scott Morrison . She stood again with crossbenchers Andrew Wilkie, Derryn Hinch, Tim Storer and The Greens and together, they called on Parliamentarians to put aside left and right, to concentrate on right and wrong. They came together to get #KidsOffNauru – and to force the government to follow doctors' orders for every sick person in offshore detention. Together, we have sent a clear message to our elected representatives

The tide has turned on offshore detention –

and our political leaders know it. The community,nearly 7000 doctors,every medical college in

the country,celebrities ,The Australian Medical Association

and religious leaders came together to say: Enough! As a nation

we are better than this. The political support that has propped up Australia's cruel offshore detention regime is crumbling. The community is standing up and demanding better policies.

And politicians are starting to listen.

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