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A Brand of Heartlessness

This week, we were visited by Australian Greens Senator Larissa Waters at our Wednesday Home Affairs protest. We asked the Senator about how we can tell the current government that we do not accept cruel policies that harm refugees, what message she wants refugees without permanent safety to hear, and what she would say to Australian politicians who are complicit in keeping innocent people in limbo, on temporary visas. Watch the video below.

"We've seen throughout history, even conservative governments, have taken a compassionate stand. At times of global crisis, we have welcomed waves of people from other nations, and it has enriched us all. It has been good for us, as a community, as an economy. Why is this government making a brand of heartlessness?"

Thank you to Senator Waters for supporting our campaign.

You can learn more about the Australian Greens policies on Human Rights, Immigration and Refugees, and more, from the AG Policies web page.

For more information about the Asylum Rights Campaign for permanent visas, visit our End Temporary Visas article.

You can download the full transcript below.

20210915_Senator Waters Interview
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