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A message from Priya

Priya and her family were taken from their home in Biloela and are being held in detention on Christmas Island. Her daughters, Tharni and Kopi, are now the only children left in immigration detention in the whole of Australia. Priya is worried about her girls. This family needs our support.

Like Priya and her family, refugees and people seeking asylum need peace, justice and a fair go.

Refugees are human beings driven to flee their homelands because of persecution, war, and economic and environmental collapse. Australian governments have fueled these wars and conditions but refuse to help the refugees that followed. It’s time we stopped this mistreatment of refugees and it’s time we stopped the wars that create refugees.

We must speak out to end detention and free the refugees. We must raise our voices against punitive border policies. We must call on our government to stop wars and other policies that create refugees and the conditions that force people to run for their lives.

Palm Sunday 2021 is your opportunity to join our rally and demand peace and justice for refugees.

Brisbane Palm Sunday Rally for Peace and Refugees

Sunday 28 March 2021 at noon

Reddacliff Place, 266 George Street, Brisbane Qld

More info about the Brisbane Rally -

Other actions around Australia -

More info about Priya's family and #HomeToBilo​ -


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