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Destructive military conflicts create more refugees

A message from the Shut Down Land Forces Expo campaign group.

Peter Dutton as minister for immigration spent many years of his political career torturing refugees through locking them up in prisons - just recently he was promoted to the position of minister for defence.

Now, rather than torturing refugees himself, Dutton will be the one directly responsible for creating more refugees by pursuing destructive military conflicts across the globe. Dutton will be a keynote speaker at the Land Forces Expo and conference, so he'll be promoting more death and destruction with the tick of approval from the Australian government.

Shut Down Land Forces Expo protest 1 June 7am - outside Brisbane Convention Centre

RAC member Ella Gutteridge will be one of the speakers at the protest. Come along and show your support and solidarity for refugees, and outrage at Peter Dutton and the Morrison government. This death expo must be opposed, so come along and bring your friends on 1st June 7am to the protest outside the Brisbane Convention Centre.

Visit the Shut Down Land Forces Expo facebook page. Thanks,

Shut Down Land Forces Expo campaign group

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