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Free All Refugees! Friday Protest

Updated: Mar 26, 2021


Given the new case of community transmission in Brisbane, our weekly footpath protest will be cancelled for tonight.

We'll look at resuming our weekly protest once we have more clarity about cases in Brisbane.

At this stage, Sunday's Palm Sunday rally is still going ahead so please invite friends and make sure you come, with face mask, hand sanitizer and maintaining physical distancing. Stay up to date on the RAC Facebook page and the event for Palm Sunday.

Weekly Footpath Protests

"Sometimes just holding the line is a victory against an enemy with superior forces" Join the Refugee Action Collective every Friday evening outside the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel at peak hour. Our goal is to demonstrate support for the men locked up inside the KP detention hotel, and for all those who seek asylum and refuge. We also protest against Australian government policies that violate human rights. We demand the end of Australia's inhumane and punitive border policies, and call on the federal government to meet our humanitarian obligations.

When: Friday, 26 March 2021 at 5 pm AEST

721 Main St, Brisbane, QLD, Australia 4169 Details: Facebook Event

Early in 2021 dozens of refugees and asylum seekers were released from detention across Australia. Despite no longer being locked up, they now face a different kind of torture, without any rights, and facing possible deportation in 6 months. They need permanent protection visas, housing, healthcare and financial support, so they can start to rebuild their lives. There are still dozens of men locked up in the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel in Brisbane, and hundreds in detention across Australia and offshore. Over 250 refugees remain stuck on Nauru and PNG with little prospect of resettlement. The Murugappan family have spent close to three years in detention, and are now held on Christmas Island. Australia refuses to provide permanent visas to refugees who arrived by boat meaning they are kept in a permanent state of limbo, constantly living with the fear of being deported. This is unacceptable.

#kp19set_us_free Remaining refugees protest inside the Kangaroo Point detention hotel. Source

"We are 19 refugees that has been left behind in Brisbane Kangaroo point. Recently the government released 50 refugees 3 weeks ago . We need your support for our freedom because we are under mental pressure more than ever, we lost our hope and all of us suffering from mental issue like panic attack, depression and anxiety. We think that we have been forgotten and no one cares about our situation. It's nearly 8 years that we are in detention and we haven't had any freedom like other humans, we didn't do anything to be a prisoner, our crime just was seeking asylum. Specially because of pandemic now everyone can understand to be in detention is very hard, we couldn't see our family, all we want is to live a simple life and contribute to the society. Please share our situation to other and contact to your government and ask them why they don't release us like the others who were released".

Keep up the momentum Join us on Friday to speak out, hold placards, chant, and to show your support for those who continue to be locked up, as well as all those who suffer from Australia's border policies.

To get informed about how the Australian government is victimising and punishing refugees, check out Medevac refugees stuck in detention Catch-22—free them all by Ian Rintoul.

We must continue our actions and protests to end detention and free the refugees.

Join a Palm Sunday rally in your state on Sunday 28 March 2021. To find a Palm Sunday rally in your state, and for information about other ways you can take action, visit ARAN's Actions Rallies Vigils Events web page.

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