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Mass March for Free Movement #FreeTheKP120

Community Rally for Free Movement, to #FreeTheKP120.

We will not be marching onto the Story Bridge tomorrow. The threat of police violence and disproportionate force, raids and intimidation in the middle of the night - the state has become obsessed with stopping this protest from going ahead. Learn more about why our Story Bridge plan has changed, from the @refugeesolidaritybris FaceBook summary.

We WILL be gathering at Raymond Park at midday and marching for the freedom of people inhumanely locked up by the Australian Government.

It’s not just legal to protest injustice, to take to the streets—it’s our ethical duty to do so, whatever the state says.

When: Saturday 15th August from 11:30am - 3:00pm AEST Where: Raymond Park, Baines Street, Kangaroo Point QLD Australia.

It's the big park behind the Pineapple Hotel.


Let the KP120 outside the compound for free movement at their discretion—to exercise, walk and connect with the community. Our friends are locked in. They have no space to socially distance, no way to exercise. They can’t go outside. They've never smelled eucalyptus, never seen the cliffs. They've never watched Maiwar glisten.

Their detention is administrative while their claims are "processed", it's not meant to be punitive.

This is punitive detention and it has to end.

They should be able to move freely outside the complex.


The Australian Border Force has refused any freedoms for the men inside the Kangaroo Point Prison. So we are taking to the streets. There will be a space in Raymond Park for us to gather, listen to voices from the men inside, and play soccer.

From 11:30am - music

Noon - meet in Raymond Park From 12:20 pm - Acknowledgement of Country, Legal Briefing, Speeches from men inside the prison and others. From 1 pm - Soccer game and music. 1:40 pm - We march.

After the march - we'll visit our friends in the prison. This is a big day for them too.

Stick around into the evening for their daily balcony protest, solidarity and music.

  • We are a movement that cannot be stifled by the state.

  • We have a right to peacefully assemble and to march in the street, wherever that may be.

  • We will exercise this right for our fellow humans who cannot.

  • We will elevate the voices of the people indefinitely trapped inside prison walls for over seven long years.


120 people. 7 years. 5 prime ministers. We tried petitions, we tried letters, we tried marches—it didn't work. It’s time to engage in mass civil disobedience.

Civil disobedience is an effective means of changing laws. This means deliberately disobeying laws to highlight and prevent further injustice. It’s been used for centuries to create change quickly by shutting down business as usual and interrupting the status quo, which too easily turns a blind eye to human rights violations. By polarising the community and politicians, we force the people in power to respond and make a choice.

When we gather to assemble, or when we march, the police might try and stop us, tell us to move, or threaten to arrest us. But we will do it anyway—we will make the voices of our friends in detention heard.

Why? Because a few months ago, a handful of men started hanging a few banners made of garbage bags from their balconies in a simple plea for freedom.

Now they drop 5-metre banners...

And there’s a 24/7 community blockade of their prison…

The power of the people is on our side, and we’re going to use it to win.


There will be a high police presence at the park but this should be a non-arrestable space. Gathering in the park is not illegal. For people marching on the road, this is potentially but not definitely, arrestable. This will depend on the police response, how long you choose to occupy the road, and if you choose to follow police directives.

Know your rights

Whether or not you plan to risk arrest, police will be at the protest and may speak to you. Visit Action Ready (legal resources for activists, by activists and lawyers) to read about non-violent direct action, your rights at protests and in speaking to police, and what the process of arrest is like.

Safety on the day

Follow the directions of police liaisons and organisers announcements who will do their best to keep you informed. Don’t talk to the police if you can avoid it—direct their questions to the police liaison. If the police give you a direction, make your own decision about what feels right for you. Remember to check with them if you are legally required to do what they are asking if you’re not sure. Remember your covid safety, social distancing, and masks.


We have three demands that must be met before our 24/7 community blockade ends:

1. STOP THE TRANSFERS No more forced transfers to high-security facilities like BITA. Reverse the forced transfers and return any people who were forced to leave Kangaroo Point if they want to come back.

2. FREE MOVEMENT Let the men outside to exercise, walk and connect with the community.

3. OUT BY CHRISTMAS Release the KP120 into the community by Christmas.

More info: Our Demands

We acknowledge that we'll be protesting on the stolen lands of the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, whose sovereignty over these lands was never ceded.

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