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Minister Tudge Heartless on Medevacuees

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

by Jane Salmon 14 July 2020

14 July 2020 Supporter with Refugee Solidarity Brisbane Meanjin "Thanks @mcberkman for standing up for our friends in detention and standing with our community".

Last week, 4BC Radio Presenter Mark Levy suggested to Refugee Solidarity Meanjin organiser Dane De Leon, that Kangaroo Point protesters from the #FreeTheKP120 blockade should go to Queensland State Parliament. This they have duly done.

Watch Tuesday's State Parliament Action by Refugee Solidarity Brisbane/Meanjin & supporters below.

Speaking to Mark Levy on Tuesday afternoon, Acting Commonwealth Home Affairs Minister Alan Tudge MP, portrayed Medevac as a “back door to Australia” for those being deterred under Sovereign Borders. It must be noted that many of the boat arrivals have been admitted to the community and that the divide was arbitrary. It has been acknowledged in writing by the Australian Border Force that medical treatment has been delayed. There are delays of up to two years occur for dental bridges, plates or glasses.  The cure for severe trauma or resignation syndrome does not lie in repatriation or prolonging detention. In most cases it is not safe for refugees to return.

Dane De Leon from Refugee Solidarity Brisbane Meanjin has said "If your neighbours came to your house and were sick, you would take care of them. Panadol is no substitute for neurosurgery. A sleeping tablet doesn't treat mental health."

Isolation and abuse while held offshore for up to 7 years is the crux of many psychological disabilities endured by those brought and warehoused here from offshore.  It must be remembered that men, women and children are still held In detention on and offshore.

Listen to the 4BC Drive interviews:

Dane De Leon Refugee Solidarity Meanjin

Jane Salmon

Refugee Advocate

NSW Australia


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