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Refugee Action Coalition


The revelation that Freedom of Information documents show that Attorney-General, Christian Porter, had made misleading public comments about legal advice on the Medevac legislation in 2019, is no surprise to refugee supporters.

Attorney-General, Christian Porter. Source: ABC News

Well before the legislation, in 2016, the government had already forcibly removed a Somali refugee from Australia to Nauru to show that it had the power to do so.

Despite Christian Porter’s lies, the Medevac legislation was passed by the Parliament inflicting a serious defeat on the Morrison government. Although the government repealed the Medevac legislation in December 2019, refugees transferred to Australia under the Medevac legislation, are still being scapegoated for the government’s defeat.

Although transferred for medical treatment, most were denied any treatment in Australia.

Others brought under the legislation to unite separated families are still in detention separated from partners, children, and siblings. After two years, around 80 Medevac transferees are in hotel-prisons and detentions in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Even though many are in worse medical condition than when they were brought, those who have been released are not being supported by the government; they expected to support themselves on bridging visas.

“Sexism is not Porter’s only crime. The revelation that Attorney-General, Christian Porter, lied about legal advice the government received about Medevac laws in 2019, is one more reason that he should be sacked,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“The Minister is not fit for office,” said Rintoul.

Justice for Refugees rallies will be held around Australia, this Sunday, Palm Sunday, 28 March.

“We will be adding ‘Sack Porter’ to our demands to free the refugees, close all the camps and bring all the refugees and asylum seekers from PNG and Nauru to Australia,” said Rintoul.

For media comment, contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713.


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