Save the Medevac Bill

Updated: Jun 22, 2020


  1. Write (or email) directly to:

  2. Your own Federal MP (especially if they are LNP) – find your MP at

  3. Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton -

  4. The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison

  5. The Immigration Minister, David Coleman -

  6. Any (or all) QLD LNP Senator (also any QLD One Nation Senator, as they are likely to vote with the Government – find senator's details at

  7. And/or ring the above a few days afterwards, mention your letter and tell the lovely people (yes, they are!) who work in their electorate offices how important it is to you that this legislation is retained and that it is critical this is passed to the MP/Minister/Senator– or visit if the office is local to you!

  8. Sign and share a petition: also also

Useful references to help in your communications


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