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Seven Years Too Long

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Sunday July 19 2020 marks seven years of detention for refugees who were sent to offshore detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru. It's been seven years since former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced that people seeking asylum, who arrived by boat, would never be settled in Australia and would be processed offshore.

Refugees who came to Australia under now repealed Medevac laws, are being held in the Kangaroo Point 'APOD' and BITA in Brisbane. Others brought to Australia under the same laws, are also being held in the Mantra Hotel, Preston, and MITA in Broadmeadows, Melbourne.

We have imprisoned innocent people who came seeking our help. On Sunday July 19 2020 they will have been detained by Australia for exactly 7 years.

This is a national shame and a deep moral failure.

It's time to end indefinite detention.

Join the call to free refugees into the community and to bring the refugees from PNG & Nauru here. They have been imprisoned for far too long in our names. We should be silent no longer.

Please encourage your friends, family and colleagues to join in with the refugee solidarity actions happening in the lead up to this terrible anniversary. Talk to people who may not know the full details of what's happening and encourage them to come along and see for themselves.

Most event details are posted on Twitter or Facebook but if you don't have access to those platforms, we'll try to keep you updated here.


What: Dinner with the Rohingya Community at the KP Blockade

When: Friday, 10 July 6pm-8pm AEST

Where: 721 Main St, Kangaroo Point QLD 4169, Australia

There are several Rohingya men locked up inside those walls. Many Rohingya people visit the blockade every day to visit them, show solidarity, and share their culture with the other blockaders. On Friday they’ll be sharing their food too. Let me tell you, it’s delicious! Everyone is welcome to join in, eat some free food, and meet these generous members of our community.

What: They Came for Freedom But This is Prison

When: Friday, 10 July 6pm-10pm AEST

Where: Kangaroo Point Central Hotel & Apartments 721 Main St, Brisbane, Queensland 4169

Community Song Writing and Performance Group Whoopee-Do Crew and The Songs of Tom Smith will play for the men held in detention at Kangaroo Point. Come join in and show our support for the men. Send the message that we are ashamed of this use of public money.

6pm The Songs of Tom Smith (Bent Cop) 7pm Whoopee-Do Crew

What: Community Blockade Induction - Everyone Welcome When: Saturday, 11 July 3pm-4pm AEST

Where: Raymond Park Brisbane Behind the Pineapple Hotel 706 Main St, Kangaroo Point QLD 4169

Mass induction to the blockade. Covers the basics, why we're here, how the blockade runs, and how you can help! Learn about workshops to upskill and get trained in Nonviolent Direct Action, legal observing, understanding oppression, and more. No need to bring anything or do anything to register—just popover to Raymond Park at 3pm, behind the Pineapple Hotel.

What: Mass Door Knock to #FreeTheKP120

When: Saturday, 11 July 10am-1pm AEST

Where: Raymond Park Brisbane Behind the Pineapple Hotel 706 Main St, Kangaroo Point QLD 4169

Join in the mass door knock in Kangaroo Point to build more local support for freeing the KP120. You don't need experience or prior knowledge. Just show up at Raymond Park and spend a few hours chatting to people in the neighbourhood about why and how they can help free these men.

10am: All-In Door Knock Training. 11am: Mass Door Knock - in pairs. Later: Lunch at the blockade

What: Community Solidarity Day at the Blockade When: Sunday 12 July 12noon-3pm AEST Where: 721 Main St, Kangaroo Point QLD 4169, Australia

The men in detention at Kangaroo Point are from many different cultures; Persian Sudanese Tamil Afghani, Arabic, Somalian, Sinhalese, Kurdish. Everyone in the community is invited to gather outside the detention centre to bring a plate and share food, make art, tell stories, and learn more about the cultures of the men inside. This is a peaceful, family-friendly event - everyone's welcome.

What: Mass Community Rally: 7 Years Too Long

When: Sunday 19 July 2pm-5pm AEST

Sunday the 19th of July marks seven years to the day since our government introduced this cruel policy of locking people up forever, just for looking for a safe place to live. This community does not consent to the government locking up innocent people forever in our name. More details to come…

What: Candlelight Vigil for Refugees

When: Sunday 19 July 7pm AEST

Where: In your own location and at 721 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

Mantra Hotel refugee Mostafa Azimitabar is hosting a candlelight vigil. Simply light a candle and take 7 minutes of silence in your own home or backyard. Go live with your signs and messages of support. Share your photograph/video on your individual social media and in the Facebook event page, so your supportive messages, images and videos can be collated and shared.

In solidarity with Moz and all the imprisoned refugees, the Refugee Action Collective Qld will hold a supporting vigil at the Kangaroo Point hotel. This is a small act of hope, and of compassion. We would love you to join us.

What: Online Rally & Day of Action: 7 Years Too Long - Free the Refugees

When: Sunday 19 July 2pm AEST

Where: Online rally via Zoom (updated from previous physical location due to COVID19)

Register here: Zoom Link

Seven years ago former PM Kevin Rudd announced that people seeking asylum and who arrived by boat, would never be settled in Australia and would be processed offshore. Refugees who came to Australia under now repealed Medevac laws, are still being detained by Australia. It’s time to end the crime of indefinite detention. Join the call to free the refugees and to bring the refugees from PNG & Nauru here to Australia. Hear from Moz from Manus who is detained in the Mantra hotel, Shamindan a refugee detained in PNG, and more.

What: Defend the Right to Protest - Free the Refugees

When: Thursday, 6 August 8:30am-09:30am AEST

Where: Melbourne Magistrates' Court, 233 William street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Chris Breen, a member of RAC, a high school teacher and union activist, faces court for the charge of “incitement” under the 1958 Crimes Act for helping to organise a safe car convoy protest calling to free refugees because of the risk of COVID-19. Thirty refugee supporters have also received fines of $1652 each for participating.

But the charge of incitement sets a very worrying precedent for unions, climate activists and all social movements, including ours. Even after the health laws are long gone, if Chris is convicted, the same law could be used against unions or activist groups for organising picket lines or industrial action if deemed not to be legal.

Join the call to defend the right to protest, and to free the refugees who have been held in detention for 7 years. The protest starts at 8am, the court case (a mention) is scheduled for 9.30am

Hear from Aran Mylvaganam from the Tamil Refugee Council & one of the refugee supporters fined $1652 at the car convoy.


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