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Support for the KP120

In 2 weeks, government support for released Medevac refugees will be withdrawn. You can help!

A year ago, a number of the Medevac refugees indefinitely detained at a Kangaroo Point hotel started to hang banners in peaceful protest with messages like “7 years too long”, “Where is Justice” and “No crime, 7 years in detention”. Local people soon joined them in a creative, socially distanced protest every Friday afternoon, followed by a 24 hour blockade, and many other rallies and protests.

Finally, last week, 50 of the KP120, as the men were known, were released from Kangaroo Point and the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation (BITA). The men were released on 6 month bridging visas, with no right to ongoing income or accommodation support, but with the right to work.

A range of community organisations and ordinary citizens are now working to raise funds, find homes, source employment and provide fellowship and support to the men who have been released. Clearly 8 years of detention in traumatic circumstances will have taken a toll on many. This support is desperately needed so the men can begin to heal from the torturous conditions of indefinite detention, both on and offshore.

You can help

Donate to the Support for the KP120 fund (requested by the men and sponsored by the Refugee Action Collective and Refugee Solidarity Meanjin) to provide initial income support.

This money will go directly to the men and any surplus will support local refugee charities who provide ongoing support. The goal is to raise $200 000 in the next couple of weeks as government support will be withdrawn in this time.

Due to the lack of ongoing income support, a big priority will be finding free or affordable accommodation, and sourcing employment. Any leads on possible jobs would be greatly valued.

More ways to help

The detained men have been vocal about how important this public presence is for giving them hope. The men who remain detained at KP and BITA are understandably distraught and despairing. They also need our prayers and support.

For more information contact Lisa Bridle on or phone 0411 723 071 and please follow the Refugee Action Collective and Love Makes a Way pages.


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