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URGENT ACTION THIS WEEKEND. Lobby your MPs and senators NOW.

The vote on the phone ban bill is listed for this Monday 31 August. Here is a call to action from the Australian Refugee Advocacy Network (ARAN) - It’s very important that Labor and cross bench MPs and Senators hear from you before Monday.

We understand that the amendment to the legislation will be voted on Monday by the House of Representatives, and if passed there, by the Senate on Tuesday next week. It’s very important that the Labor and cross bench MPs and Senators hear from you before Monday.

As we all know mobile phones are a lifeline.  They enable access to families, loved ones, legal representation, health support and the outside world…..and make it possible for people to shine a light on what's really going on inside immigration detention centres.  The government hasn’t made a reasonable case for this grab-bag of powers, when police can already investigate any allegations.

URGENT ACTION THIS WEEKEND  - Lobby your MPs and senators NOW The amendment to allow the removal of phones is listed for voting by the House of Representatives and the Senate on Monday 31 August and/or Tuesday 1 September 2020. Email and call your state senators NOW and tell them you want them to vote NO to the proposed amendment of the Migration Act.  

Points to mention in your emails and calls •  Police already have powers to remove illegal substances and items •  Immigration detention centres are not prisons – and detainees should not be treated as prisoners •  Refugees and people seeking asylum are in administrative detention because the government has not resolved their visa status. These people do not pose a security or criminal risk.  •  The intention to remove mobile phones must be seen as an attempt to silence those held in detention, and to prevent public scrutiny and access to advocates and other support people.    •  Mobile phones can enable detainees to hold staff accountable for their actions and place some constraint on excessive use of force detention staff.   •  Most refugees and asylum seekers have been held in detention for very long periods, and their mobile phones are their lifeline and link to the outside world, including maintaining contact with family members here and overseas, and legal and other support contacts. Being able to maintain some connection to the world outside is essential maintaining mental health

Find your state senators at the Parliament of Australia Senators and Members web page.

If sending bulk emails, please email using BCC.


Marie. ARAN - Australian Refugee Action Network  Email: Send information and pictures for inclusion on ARAN website to: Website Facebook


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