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We Are Human Like You

These are the words of Abdulla Moradi, who spoke from detention at Kangaroo Point today.

Abdulla is a Christian who has been detained for seven years. He makes the black banners in his detention room.

Hi everyone, thank you so much for being here.

19th July is a dark day for us.

Today is a reminder of Australia's disgrace internationally with a shameful policy.

19th July was the start of extreme mental torment for us and psychological torture. We were beaten, attacked, had food and water denied, attacked physically and shot at on Manus Island with semi-automatic weapons and guns on more than one occasion at Lombrum Camp.13 innocent people died as a direct result of this cruel and tortuous Offshore Processing Policy and Mandatory Detention, which was really jail.

We are all political hostages from Manus and Nauru of this cruel policy.

We are human like you.

We have the same needs as you.

We deserve to have the same freedoms as you.

We want to work, we want to play football and sport, study, marry, or join our families, hug children, share meals with our friends.

We miss simple things-

Like going shopping for a pair of shoes or clothes, or buying gifts for friends.

We miss choosing and cooking our food.

After 7 years we miss everything free people take for granted.

I feel so loved and uplifted by the rally and love sent from across Australia. We love the generous spirit you show to support us. Because of your love we feel happy and are able to keep our hope. We love you guys ❤

Thank you so very much.

Abdulla Moradi.


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