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Weekly footpath protest. Free all refugees!

When: Friday, 12 March 2021 at 5 pm AEST Where: Kangaroo Point Central Hotel & Apartments 721 Main St, Brisbane, QLD, Australia 4169

The first few month of 2021 have been historic; dozen of refugees and asylum seekers have been released from detention across the Australia. These men have known only detention for 8 long years, but are now finally living in the community.

Despite no longer being locked up, they now face a different kind of torture, without any rights, and facing possible deportation in 6 months. They must be given permanent protection visas, housing, healthcare and financial support, so they can start to rebuild their lives.

Additionally, there are still dozens of men locked up in the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel in Brisbane, and hundreds in detention across Australia and offshore. There are still over 250 refugees stuck on Nauru and PNG with little prospect of resettlement. The Murugappan family remain detained on Christmas Island, having spent close to three years in detention.

Australia refuses to provide permanent visas to refugees who arrived by boat meaning they are kept in a permanent state of limbo, constantly living with the fear of being deported.

This is unacceptable.

The Refugee Action Collective gathers every Friday evening outside the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel at peak hour.

Our goal is to demonstrate support for the men locked up inside, and for all those who seek asylum and refuge.

We also protest against Australian government policies that violate human rights.

We demand the end of Australia's inhumane and punitive border policies, and call on the federal government to meet our humanitarian obligations.

Join us on Friday to speak out, hold placards, chant, and to show your support for those who continue to be locked up, as well as all those who suffer from Australia's border policies.

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