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Death at MITA today

Detainees say a 501 man has died at MITA. Extremely concerned about the impact on suicidal Medevac detainees in the same centre.

Ian Rintoul said this:

A Kiwi 501 has died in MITA.  

It is not certain it is suicide - he was unwell yesterday and saw the nurse apparently...

Farhad Bandesh is my source.

Basically it is the second “event“ in a few days.

There is also a story that an African man with many grandchildren was told he was going to Christmas Island. He may have died of stress?

Danush is there at MITA to be treated for suicidality since his very serious attempt to hang himself at Mantra.

We have no words.

Dutton is lethally vengeful. 8 years is too long to have your life on hold or to be treated as a deterrent in semi-locked down conditions.

Ian Rintoul writes:

He has been in immigration detention for 4 years and had court about 6mths ago. His mother is in Australia. However no visits were allowed during Covid lockdown. No-one is sure of the exact circumstances of his death.

Janet Pelly highlighted:

This is a good time to point out that there are no medical services in detention centres on weekends. The nurse would have only been there to dispense medication and would have told him that.

This morning the detainee of MITA Melbourne detention centre awakes to shocking news of a alleged suicide by one of the Detainees. the Detainees feel that it has a strong connection to the Christmas Island move that is planned very soon involving all detention centres and Prisoners getting released from prisons.

Early this morning an ambulance was seen, then it left after being there most of the morning, shortly after a van from the Corona's office, Police detectives and uniformed police had arrived on the scene. Australian border Force, Serco Security were first on the scene since this morning.

There is a sense of anxiety throughout prisons and detention centres around Australia. Not only because of the coronavirus pandemic but because of the big question who is going to be moved to Christmas Island.

Ever since Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison announced this shock move. All detainees we're on edge because of the history Christmas Island has. The numerous amounts of suicides, including a detainee that set himself on fire and eventually died from his injuries. The numerous amount of Detainees that have committed self harm in all forms.

The form of punishment that Serco officers have administered on the island, the deprivation, the torture, the daily mental health issues caused by been isolated so far away from the mainland of Australia. The mental and physical long term scars Christmas Island has on these Detainees.

This is the answer that Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison has for this coronavirus pandemic. Their answer is instead of releasing refugees and detainees to self isolate in their homes with their families, they would rather utilise a condemned Christmas Island detention centre all because they have been pressured by the government on why they are wasting 30 million dollars a year of taxpayer money to house one family in a detention centre on Christmas Island.

Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison knows that there is overcrowding in detention centres around Australia. They know that there is no social distancing and there is no strategic plan if there is an outbreak in detention centres, and if Serco brings the virus into the compounds then the detainees have nowhere to go and they will surely will be infected.

Jane Salmon

NSW Australia

More details were published in The Age article Man dies at Melbourne detention centre as court rules on COVID-19 risk


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