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Living in Limbo

Angie Whiteley has released her new song "Living in Limbo" to raise awareness about how refugees and asylum seekers have been let down by the Australian Government’s policy on boat arrivals.

About a year ago, Angie began writing and producing the song for her refugee friends in Brisbane. Angie met some of the people detained in Brisbane when a mutual love of music brought together her son, and Kazem Kazemi, a Kurdish-Iranian musician and asylum seeker.

“Living In Limbo” shares what she heard, saw and felt as she witnessed the unfolding stories of Australian Refugees, who after fleeing persecution, have been kept locked up for 7 years.

Angie was hoping metal guitarist and detainee, Kazem Kazemi would be able to play on the recording, to add his voice. But, Kazem cruelly had his electric guitar taken from him and Covid19 restrictions put a hold on those plans. Talented poet and artist, and Kangaroo Point detainee, Jalil Mahamede was able to collaborate and provided the artwork for this single.

Angie’s goal is to highlight the inhumanity and desperation that is being hidden and to urge Australians into action to correct the wrongs of Australia’s Asylum Seeker Policy.

Like many of us, putting ourselves in the shoes of others, struck a chord with Angie;

“There was so much to say, I have pages of ideas, but I had to narrow it down to fit into a song format. I put myself in their shoes, imagined running from my home with little but the clothes on my back, with full knowledge that somehow, I needed also to protect my loved ones, with no idea what the future held. Feeling hungry, feeling cold, feeling lost, not knowing the language, not knowing who to trust and feeling very, very scared. And now after what they’ve struggled through, being invisible...”

RAC Queensland hopes you’ll support Angie’s new song and get her message out to as many people as possible, so we can affect real change to our nation's efugee policy.

Visit Angie Whiteley’s Living in Limbo music page on Facebook, to listen to the song, and to get some facts to help you spread the word about indefinite detention of refugees by Australia.

"Living in Limbo" can be downloaded at:

Download the song on Spotify and Triple J Unearthed as much as possible to achieve play listing and exposure, so more people can hear its important message.

Angie Whiteley has recorded two albums previously and worked in Los Angeles for two years. She’s also played festivals in China and had a #4 in Italy with "A Life Like This". Angie also wrote "Brightest Light", the theme song for RBWH's campaign raisng awareness for Youth Mental Health.

Check out more about Angie Whiteley here and more about Kazem Kazemi here.


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