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Stand With Us

Phil Monsour dedicates his song 'Stand With Us' and a new video to support the refugee men locked up in the Kangaroo Point Hotel/Prison - and for those supporting their fight for freedom. Phil invites you to share this song and support the campaign in any way you can.

'Stand With Us' is a heartfelt anthem for the innocent people who have been detained in the Kangaroo Point Hotel/Prison in Brisbane/Meanjin without any freedom. It's also for all the refugees detained by Australia, and for all refugees and people who seek asylum, around the world. It's a song to sustain and inspire supporters in the community to keep up the fight to free the refugees.

The video for 'Stand With Us' was filmed at the Kangaroo Point Hotel/Prison where around 120 refugees are illegally imprisoned by the Australian government. Some people have been detained for up to seven years, with no end in sight. Since the repeal of the Medevac laws, the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel & Apartments have been used as a so-called “alternative place of detention”. The people have been held in confined rooms where they are monitored, searched and controlled at all times. The COVID-19 virus arose, and the men (and doctors) were concerned at the health risks they faced. The men started protesting on their balconies each evening. Soon they were joined by refugee supporters, RAC Qld activists, medical professionals and others, who held exercise protests in solidarity. A blockade grew out of attempts by guards to remove some of the men to the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation. Now, the community stands ready to support these innocent people being held for no reason, and to physically block any more involuntary transfers.

Phil Monsour's song 'Stand With Us' is a call to stand strong in solidarity. To keep supporting the detainees and their friends and allies. It's call to the wider community to speak up and stand up for human rights.

We must all act in unison and demand that the Australian government frees ALL refugees and asylum seekers into the community and to end mandatory detention once and for all.

"The campaign to free the refugees detained by the Australian government is too important to fail. Simple demands - Free movement No transfers - out by Xmas. Stand With Us" Phil Monsour.¹

The Blockade makes 3 simple demands

Free movement out of the complex

End involuntary transfers

Full community release by Christmas

To support the Kangaroo Point Blockade, visit Refugee Solidarity Meanjin at #LetThemHug

Phil Monsour is a Brisbane based singer, song writer and activist. For over ten years, Phil has written songs to speak out and connect our struggles for justice. Passionate and inspiring, his music is a call to action and a powerful plea for solidarity around issues that are often ignored by

'Stand With Us' recorded by Phil Monsour for the One Song One Union album.

Video by Alex Bainbridge

One Song One Union, was launched in May 2017 and features twelve union and solidarity songs, with a song dedicated to each participating union.² It also features the song “Let Them Stay”, which Monsour dedicated to the Refugee Action Collective and was inspired by the 'Baby Asha' Let Them Stay blockade at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in 2016.³

Listen to One Song One Union: Phil Monsour Spotify

Download or buy the album:

More about Phil Monsour at:

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